Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work is a community arts organization. In addition to our own projects, we partner with other cultural and community arts organizations and foundations to create artivism.  Our projects currently include: Poets Responding, and Prickly Pear Publishing & Nopalli Press. In the near future we hope to include a music and sound production component partnering with Hawk Beatz' The Nest legacy.

Specific calls for submissions are based on projects being undertaken by our organization and ones we partner with. 

We accept submissions of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, memoir, visual art, photography, and on occasion - music, and video. Please see specifics in each of the calls for submissions below.

Some of the organizations we have partnered with are: Cloud Women's Dream Society, FlowerSong Press, the Francisco X. Alarcón Literary Arts Foundation, and the Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival.

Red Earth Production & Cultural Work believes in the artist as activist, and are committed to including all voices who believe that a better world is possible. Ase O!


Prickly Pear Publishing & Nopalli Press is now accepting full length manuscript submissions in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and hybrid collections for 2020-2021. 

Simultaneous manuscript submissions are not allowed.

Open Call for Submissions 

Cloud Women's Quarterly Journal - Online, is loosely themed on the four seasons. We accept the following categories of original work: visual art, photographs, articles, interviews, poetry, short fiction, essays, and healthy recipes, food and remedies, are all welcome. Though we have included previously published work with acknowledgements from certain authors, please no simultaneous submissions

Check out latest issue(s) here in our new home, Cloud Women's Quarterly Journal, and previously here CWQJ.

Cloud Women's Quarterly Journal - Online is a project of Cloud Women's Dream Society.

Cloud Women’s Dream Society represents the interests of women in Indigenous spiritual traditions around the globe. We are concerned with the rights and rites of women, the sacredness of sisterhood, and of chief concern is the health of our planet and spiritual activism.

Our Council consists of women from various spiritual traditions of the earth (Spirit Traditions of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, Africa, Asia, and others,) representing our divine birthright connections to the ancestors, nature, the divinities and to the Creator/Creatress.

We believe that by coming together as women we can accomplish more than we can as individuals. We also believe that by highlighting the efforts of women in our communities we can put a positive face on the members of these traditions.

We are convinced that in order to increase our blessings, it is essential to spread goodwill and help each other as much as possible. To that end, we support the efforts of other organizations that help women and children in need. 

Our mission is to give women in indigenous spiritual traditions access to education, spiritual support and outlets to address the needs of their communities.


For more information visit our website: Cloud Women's Dream Society

Red Earth Productions & Cultural Work